Monday, September 04, 2006

Roy's, Amboy (CA)

First of all, let me be sorry for the lack of update on the last two days...

Today, let's find a pic of the old Roy's Motel and Cafe situated in the tiny little town of Amboy, California. At this location, we're right in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The Roy's has been purchased recently and its new owner has plans to re-open it soon.

You know where we'll be tomorrow... You bet it's Illinois, don't you? You're right...


Blogger 66 Productions said...

The town of Amboy was recently purchased by Albert Okura, owner of the Juan Pollo Chicken chain, based in San Bernardino. Rumor is that Okura wanted to do something good in the Mojave before opening up some restaurants in the Barstow - Baker - Vegas - Needles areas, and felt that buying the town (which had been on the market for a number of years) and trying to preserve, restore, and reopen at least Roy's if not the adjacent motel and gas stations would be a worthwhile effort.

Unfortunately, though, planning commissions and bureaucracy being what they are, the planned reopening is mired in red tape at the moment. But Okura is still proceeding along as much as he can, and he does still hope to open Roy's.

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